Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Training & Development

Our workshops are cost-effective and efficient because we come to you and function as part of your staff. Moreover, our workshops can be expanded or abbreviated and offered in each of the following formats:

  • half-day workshop
  • 1-day workshop
  • 2-day program
  • Individual coaching; 10-to-40, 2 hour sessions depending on client request and program


Why Use Our Coaching Services?

* We offer current and practical management practices that are researched and used as resources for coaching discussions, assessments and workplace assignments.
* We assist in developing strategies for building relationships with peers, direct and indirect reports, clients, and senior leaders.
* We confidentially discuss managing difficult peer relations, office politics, positive self-promotion, upward management, and influencing others in the workplace.
* Our coaches have significant experience in managing and coaching front-line employees, senior leaders, technical professionals, and other team members in rigorously competitive environments.

Career Transition

Strengthen the morale of employees during difficult periods by offering sound career transition services.

With one telephone call to our office, we can manage individual and group transitions across the United States, through a network of affiliates. Our performance records on transitioning programs indicate that we have one of the industries’ briefest job search campaigns, with over 95% of our clients securing positions with higher compensation levels and/or positions that are more satisfying.
Successful reemployment depends on how well one is prepared to conduct a job search. Our career workshops teach innovative job search techniques and provide tools that are most effective for moving quickly into new satisfying positions.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in confidence.